Diamonds of the Pacific

The diamond of the South Pacific is indeed the Black Pearl (tepoenoir).

Dreams Realized...

As a young student many, many years ago, I was privy to viewing pictures of the Great Pyramids of Giza. I read stories about them and often times my young mind wandered in a dreamlike state, conjuring up romantic scenes of what these pyramids must have been like so very long ago.  And what about the mysterious Sphinx?  I visualized what must the face have looked like at it's time of creation.  Whose was the face used for this creature? There are so many writings, so many speculations, and so many hypothesis regarding this...

Additionally, my young mind pondered on the history and the stories of those who stood before these very structures.  What must it have been like in the day of the pharohs? What were the people like? How did they survive? What was the scenery like..was Giza always a desert? 

Though I am not from a family of money, I thought in my young mind, "...one day..." (always I thought) "...one day...",   I will travel to this land so far away and so foreign to my own surroundings. I will travel there to see and experience for myself, what must this "...Faraway..." place be like.  I will stand in the same place(s) in Giza.  I will experience for myself, what it feels like to stand before these massive structures.  I will ponder on what those, so very long ago might have thought, seen, tasted, smelled.  These thoughts/experiences will be mine and only mine as no one can really interpret the same feelings, emotions, and experiences when viewing something/someplace they have only previously viewed on a page...in a book.  

Yes, one can research and read hundreds of historical documents.  They can   hear and read hundreds of fact (and fiction) regarding these monumental structures and figure.  But my travel and my experiences, have formed my own interpretation(s) and my own conclusion(s).  

I did, indeed, travel to Egypt...Alexandria, Cairo, Giza, and many more places and at each site, I thought and wondered at how many might have stood there before me in the exact same place(s) where I stood? What were their thoughts? What did they feel? What did they hear? How did they live, day to day? Was theirs a life of strife or magnificence?  What beauty and emotions, if any, did they see, feel, and experience?  

In my travels, the echoes of time spoke to me.  All of these, I pondered and eventually experienced (somewhat) and drew my on conclusions.  

It is a wonderful thing to travel... to be fortunate enough to be able to experience these destinations that you have only previously seen in a book or a picture.  To be able to experience and meet and talk with people at these destinations is a privilege!   

What have you to say on this region? Have you traveled there? What were your thoughts...experiences? What would you share with me or the world about these Wonder(s) of the world?..and what about those who, centuries and centuries ago? Were they designers??? Builders???  Laborers??? Did you ponder the blood, sweat, tears it took to create these magnificent structures???